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Unlock the Treasures of Liquid Gold: Invest in Irish Whiskey Direct from the Distillery and Savor the Finest Italian Wines from the Source I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to an exceptional investment opportunity that brings together the world-renowned elegance of Irish Whiskey and the timeless allure of Italian wines.

Our exclusive offering allows you to invest directly with the distillery in Liquid Gold, Irish Whiskey, and purchase Italian wines directly from the finest suppliers, providing you with an unparalleled experience in the world of premium spirits.

Liquid Gold, Irish Whiskey Investment:

For centuries, Ireland has been celebrated for its mastery in crafting the finest whiskeys, and today, the global demand for this precious liquid gold continues to soar.

We have partnered with one of the most esteemed Irish Whiskey distilleries to offer you a unique opportunity to invest directly in their exquisite range of whiskeys.

By investing directly with the distillery, you gain access to the following benefits:

A. Unparalleled Quality: The distillery we've chosen boasts a rich heritage and a relentless commitment to the art of whiskey-making, ensuring that each bottle produced reflects unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

B. Exclusive Releases: As an investor, you will have the privilege of securing limited-edition and exclusive whiskey releases, making your collection truly extraordinary.

C. Potential for Returns: The whiskey market has demonstrated steady growth over the years, and this trend is expected to continue. By investing in Liquid Gold, you position yourself to benefit from potential future appreciation.

D. Personalized Investment: We understand that every investor's goals and preferences are unique. Therefore, we offer personalized investment plans tailored to meet your individual needs.

The Finest Italian Wines Direct from the Suppliers:

Italy, with its diverse terroir and storied wine-making traditions, remains an unrivaled paradise for wine enthusiasts. Through our direct partnership with esteemed Italian wine suppliers, we offer you an opportunity to acquire the finest wines right from the source.

Here's what sets our Italian wine offering apart:

A. Handpicked Selection: Our wine experts meticulously curate a selection of extraordinary wines from renowned regions across Italy, ensuring that only the finest and most authentic products reach your cellar.

B. Access to Rare Bottles: Many of the wines we provide access to are limited in production and highly sought-after by collectors worldwide. By purchasing directly from the suppliers, you gain access to some of the rarest bottles available.

C. Expert Guidance:

Our team of sommeliers and wine experts will assist you in selecting wines that align with your taste preferences and investment objectives.

D. Exclusivity and Prestige:

Owning a collection of exceptional Italian wines adds a touch of exclusivity and prestige to your portfolio.

Don't miss this extraordinary chance to enhance your investment portfolio with Liquid Gold, and Irish Whiskey, and elevate your wine collection with the finest Italian vintages.

To discuss this exclusive opportunity further and to receive detailed investment packages, please do not hesitate to contact us and complete our contact form below.

Let us embark on this journey together, unlocking the treasures of Liquid Gold and the allure of Italian wines.

Cheers to a prosperous future!


Johannes Morelis

Business Owner

EM Global Investments


The market in Asia / Africa / China / Japan / India etc has a massive potential for Irish Whiskey, unfortunately the demand is going to outstrip supply !!!!!! it takes 3 years and 1 day to mature whiskey. One Million Litres in bond and i bet i would treble my money in 3 years, we are very lucky to have access to one of the finest Irish Distilleries in Europe,

There is a rising Global demand for Irish Whiskey the market is growing in double digits annually for the last two decades and its firmly set to double again by 2030 the demand far outstrips supply and it makes for a very interesting investment opportunity whether it be short term or long term, the opportunity to buy and hold Cask Whiskey at carefully negotiated wholesale rates over three to five years or longer, whiskey matures in three years and one day,

whiskey casks can be kept for longer periods of time as a whiskey collectible or sell on. Ireland has three categories of whiskey (Scotland has two) 1....Grain Whiskey is produced from um-me

malted cereals normally Maize or Wheat combined with up to 8% malted Barley distilled in Column 2...Pot still Whiskey distilled from 30% Malted Barley the rest um-malted Cereal 3...Malted Whiskey distilled from a Mash of 100% Malted Barley and distilled in Pots maybe peated 4...All grains and produce are grown in Ireland Irish Whiskey sales projection to 2024.

Growth in the next 10 / 15 years (starting at 7 million cases 12 x 70 Cl's in January 2014) estimate.

the US is currently growing at 15%, by 2024 that would be sales of around 8 Million cases plus PA including Canada, and Mexico.

Rest of the developing World US trends spread out we are seeing this in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the UK, In 2013 Irish sales in developed Europe Australia duty-free were about 2 Million the growth rate here over the next decade should be faster than the US say 12% / 15% this would mean sales of 5 / 6 Million Cases by 2024.

Industry talk is that Russia will become a 1 Million case Irish Whiskey market within a couple of years, and other Eastern Europeans should be around 2 Million Cases by 2025 up from 750,000 Cases PA ASIA-- largely untouched by Irish has a number of distinct segments JAPAN-- will follow US trend INDIA-- from an Irish viewpoint the potential is limitless over 250 Million cases of Whiskey sold, assuming limited penetration by 2024 CHINA--rapid change here to Brown Spirit massive potential in this country.

Emerging middle-income countries ie Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan some of these countries have Irish but only in a small way, again there is massive potential here.

The overall potential in 10 years from now should be around 1 to 2 Million Cases plus in these areas AFRICA-- this is a new frontier, South Africa is already a 350,000 Case market for Irish, Nigeria, West Africa, Ethiopia and Congo are all familiar with Irish Whiskey.This will be a 1 Million Case plus by 2024.

SOUTH--Central America, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia are all great potential countries that could see 1 Million Cases of Irish Whiskey by 2024,

Brazil should reach about 500,000 Cases of Irish Whiskey, by 2024.

Irish Whiskey is growing at 11.5% assuming a 10% growth rate by 2024 a 20 Million Case market is on target for 2024.

We can supply the following 1...New Fill Grain / TD Malt / DD Malt / Pot Still / Peated Malt or 2... 1-Year-old / 2-Year-old / 3-Year-old / 5-Year-old / 10-Year-old Casks are 200 liters. Insurance and Title Docs on each Cask. Contacts and Investments are available direct from the supplier distillery, and by appointment only.

 Scottish Whisky.

We, too, have access to one of the top Scottish Distilleries.

The best way now to buy any Whiskey/Whisky, or any Spirits, is to bulk buy and have it bottled, labeled, boxed, etc at the country of destination. Haulage, shipped, glass bottles, pallets, etc is too expensive to ship, and the raw material works out a lot cheaper for the purchaser......the best returns on any whiskies is to buy New Fill in Casks of 200 liters and leave them in the Bond for at least 3 years until maturity, and importantly.....the purchaser does not pay any taxes on any distilled products as long as they stay in bond.



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