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You may use the "CONTACT US" details  in emglobalinvestments or in the website linked separately.

Always make sure you enter your correct email and name.

Please be short and specific, the work you seek in Ireland and any preferences of location or work place.

Em Global Investments,  made available an application for Hospital Care and related Private Health Care.

The Application is in PDF.

In short,  download the Application, complete and return as an attachment to your email, including ID and Passport and physical address.

We have  linked the application to the recruitment process Website.

This will speed up the whole process

           Learn more in the recruitment website. See you on the other side.

        Note: should you be denied excess, please request lock-in details by                                    sending an email to

                           All other correspondence must be addressed to:


     We  protect our recruitment and the individuals from being explored by                                              joker brokers or related scams.

We have at any moment in time,  a minimum of 300 job vacancies and the                             categories are  broken down in the recruitment website 

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