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                    INVESTMENTS OFFER IN LIQUID GOLD & WINES,                   LICENSED SOFTWARE  AND AGENCY PRODUCTS                                                  

 Below, are the additional product and services we provide;

Simply follow the link to your choice of interest.

1. Independent translations, covering most international languages.

  Translation services include:

1.1 Text translations 1.2 Word. 1.3 PDF. 1.4 Excel. 1.5 and PowerPoint. 1.6    

  Markdowns and 1.7 Resources.

( Most formats can be handled)


                For information, follow this link to sign up


           2. Fiverr, is our exclusive Dutch to English and English to Dutch            

                       translation services. Follow this link for Fiverr



3.  Extensive  Product choice and some of the products on                                      offer are as follows:     


Follow this link: Composite Construction Innovations.

       Medicine & Medical Equipment with the latest technologies,

                               Crude Oil is available from various locations worldwide.

4.  For strategic Business Implementation and Management flow charts, follow this link.(Not Open)



    Johannes Morelis

International Consultant with Global Connections,  Internet Agencies including unique products in e-commerce, construction, and translation services.

Specializes in comprehensive Strategies for small and medium size Businesses 

Tony is from Ireland and a seasoned Professional in various trading/banking and Investments options. His contribution to E&M is invaluable. Tony Eccles